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Expect to see changes to some of the games, I'm fixing some bugs, adding features and sounds and incorperating some of the suggestions from comments and emails.
Once these are improved, there are plenty more games on the way, check out previews.

Sorry about lack of updates, have been playing far too much Counterstrike Source!

We even have our own server, you can see how I'm doing at: (check out the stats)
I'm Jeepers, second at the moment, making me look much better than I am!

I'm on google! After loads of submissions and putting links everywhere I can think of, I have finally got on. Welcome to anyone who has found me through google, hope you stay a while.

Loads of changes, but most of them won't show up!
All server side script is now visual basic script, not javascript.
Buttons should show you what page you are on too, very cool!
Any problems with site, please contact me!!!

Welcome to FlashyMaths!
I'm still waiting to appear on google, hopefully soon...
FireFox compatibility is gettting better, should all be sorted, then I will start to add some more games!

I've realised that due to some bad coding, lots of the flash stuff doesn't work on FireFox, or probably other browsers.
It will soon be fixed!!

Load of things I want to add/ improve.
Bizarrely, i first want to make all the titles dance.
Dancing titles amuse me.